Hagit Yakira

Hagit Yakira

"My hope is to create a work that is warm, honest and human, a place where the gesture of breathing is communicated in a suggestive and inviting way. It should be visual, sensual and show deep connections with the musician, storyteller and dancers.

I want to show a spectrum of emotions and my fear is getting carried away with the dramatic, the over-elaborate stories and gestures about breath, the loss of breath and need for breathing.

I hope to find new ways of working that produce a unique product to me. A product that will relate to people everywhere."

"I am fascinated to see how this work develops ."
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"I like the physicality of her work"
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Artist bio

Award Winning Israeli choreographer Hagit Yakira founded Hagit Yakira Dance Company in 2007 and has since gone on to tour the UK, Europe, Scandinavia and Israel. So far she has created six works for her company amongst many other commissioned works for other companies and students.  Hagit Yakira Dance Company creates work whereby storytelling, intimacy, dance and text are uniquely interwoven into an individual interpretation of inter human relationships and emotions through dance theatre and performance.

Air Hunger

We often forget that we breathe, but never forget to breathe…

We invite you to take a moment to inhale deeply. The instance of losing one’s breathe evokes many reactions, images and memories. Performers and audience will be sharing the same breath in a collaboration that will inspire and allow moments of exhalation. *Air Hunger* is a sensual, emotional and honest sharing of experiences that will leave you breathless.

Choreographer- Hagit Yakira

Musician- Domenico Angarano

Film maker- Ling Lee


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